I got one, how about a banana walnut pancake. Tasty like the muffin but you can make it with some oat flour and your own bananas and walnuts to control all the fat and sugar content. Remember you don’t have to put any high sugar content syrup on one of those babies, they’re naturally sweet and tasty.

The remaining wealth of the aged victims would not be exhausted for long term care, or spent on anything else for that matter. It would be passed on to heirs, many of whom could benefit from it to pay off college loans, make a down payment on a house, fund a retirement account, etc. Again, wealth redistribution by natural selection..

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Evidently, most of those mistakes were stepping stones to triumphs of flour and fermentation; after applying three times, Philip landed a job at the oldest and most widely respected flour company in the United States: King Arthur Flour, est. 1790. He threw himself into his work, wearing a path between shaping bench and mixer and oven and spending astronomical amounts of time perfecting five bread recipes for a chance to compete in the Coupe de Monde competition held every three years in Paris, often called the “baking Olympics.” He didn’t make it, but it didn’t really seem to matter.

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