“I think I’m connected to this issue in some capacity, football and brain damage,” Borland said. “So carving out a way to address it tactfully is important to me no matter what I go on to do. I’ve got a wide variety of interests. In this shot, Broncos safety David Brutons attended to by trainers after a play that would force him out of the 2014 game with a reported concussion’The NFL continues to be fully committed to paying all legitimate claims and providing the important benefits that our retired players and their families deserve.’The concussion settlement has been a legal battlefield for former players and the NFL, which has accused claimants of committing widespread fraud with the help of doctors and lawyers. Lawyers for the claimants, meanwhile, say the NFL has done a poor job of administrating payments to players.In the complaint, the players point out that the majority of NFL players are black, which is why, they say, so many will be affected by this process.’Although racial categorizations can be arbitrary, several estimates place the proportion of current pro football players who are Black at 65 70%’ reads the filing. ‘On information and belief, a majority of the Settlement Class can also be identified as Black.

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