Your symptoms can get worse quickly. You may also get a spinal tap. A doctor inserts a needle into your lower back and takes a small amount of spinal fluid. “I think I’ve gotten all the benefits and I’m feeling it out here in these workouts and these runs we’re doing,” he said. “I feel like I’m by far in the best shape that I’ve ever been. I don’t look much different because we don’t train to body build.

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And if we do that, we’ll be okay. We’ve got a lot of playmakers in this room. We’ve got a lot of guys with high character. Will teams play in the spring? Conferences that have canceled the fall seasons are hopeful their teams will have an opportunity to play during the 2020 21 academic year. It’s unclear when a season would begin or how it would work. All four of the conferences that have announced fall cancellations also expressed their intention to explore competitive opportunities during the spring semester.

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Severe cases were rare (5 percent) as were those who required critical care (0.4 percent.) The severe cases began with early respiratory symptoms which were sometimes accompanied by gastrointestinal issues. Around one week the children have more difficulty breathing. Those cases sometimes quickly progressed to critical illness with acute respiratory distress or failure which in turn sometimes led to other organ dysfunction heart failure or kidney injury..

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As dedicated as he is to his Rams career, Kupp puts football a distant third to his faith and family. He and his wife, Anna, were in the same high school class, and wed after their sophomore year in college. They have a 14 month old son, Cooper Jamison, whom they call “June,” as in junior.


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