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The holidays are here. People in unaffected areas are planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most have less money than they’d hoped for at this time of year. Never leave a dog in a parked car in the heat; even with the windows ajar, the temps inside the car can quickly soar to dangerous levels. At home, if your pets are outdoors or contained in a hot space, it is crucial to have a proper setup for them. Be sure to provide plenty of fresh water (in the shade) in a nontip, light colored plastic container and ensure they have access to proper shelter.

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It hard to remember another music business rollout that broke quite as badly as the launch of Tidal, the streaming service owned by blockbuster musicians like Jay Z, Beyonce and Madonna. Okay, maybe U2 us all with a copy of their latest album compares. Or, going further back, the anti Napster campaign that involved rich kid Lars Ulrich of Metallica glowering about something that really was a serious problem music piracy and persuading just about no one.

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