7 In the 12th century Isaac Jurnet lived in this building perhaps the oldest stone house in Norwich. He was a wealthy trader and money lender and is believed to have helped finance the building of the Cathedral. As a Jew he was banned from many trades, while Christians were banned from charging interest for loans.

Check out the battle between the Army and Navy football teams as they take part in a halftime flag football game sponsored by USAA. The Sharks look to become a Major Pain for the Columbus Lions. The Sharks will also host boy scout night, which will include a sleepover and movie for all boy scouts troops that register prior to this game.

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So far so good, or not so good, as we all know the mind is quite capable of throwing a spanner or two in the works. Ah, yes, there is pa in, often a lot of, far too much for our comfort. And who wants to have pain in their lives? Of course nobody does.

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