13. Domingo Santana (3 for 19, 7 strike outs) has been a disappointment. He hit poorly in Arizona in March. That’s like saying the Titanic didn’t get its voyage done. This season is a disaster, with perhaps only the Cleveland Browns having buzzier expectations than the ‘Boys. Now, after they dropped to 7 8 in the NFC East with the 17 9 loss to Philadelphia, the buzz is louder about the future of Coach Jason Garrett, whose contract expires after the season and whose history in big games is downright awful.

wholesale nfl jerseys So the Redskins must be prepared just in case. Teammates and coaches like second year linebacker Keenan Robinson’s potential; his speed is terrific and he was starting to play with good instincts, helping his coverage skills, when he was hurt. But Robinson missed valuable offseason practice time while recovering from his torn pectoral muscle. wholesale nfl jerseys

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First Quarter Case Keenum off to a hot start: He lost a fumble earlier in the quarter, but the Redskins quarterback completed his first seven passes for 74 yards. Paul Richardson Jr. Had three catches for 34 yards in the first quarter, while rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin had two catches for 23 yards.

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