As of May 1, Baker Hughes reported 408 active rigs nationwide, down from 990 a year ago. Unprecedented. And hydraulic fracturing across the country has virtually shut down.. Additional stipulations include the fact that student athletes can work with agents, who must be credentialed. Compensation for name, image and likeness rights cannot be extended to prospective student athletes to prevent payments during the recruiting process. The legislation does not extend to community colleges, though SB 206 does direct the creation of a committee to discuss name, image and likeness rights for athletes in community college..

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“We all need to do what we need to do to help prevent the spread,” said Clawson, who canceled an upcoming trip to Las Vegas because of concerns over the virus. “Everybody is taking a hit. Vail needs to take a hit, too, and I guess I need to take the hit of not being able to ski.

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